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Sports Performance Training

Strong athletes not only maximize their performance, they minimize their chance of being injured.  By focusing on a host of physical skills, known as General Physical Preparation, combined with correcting muscular imbalances, Iron Lion coaches help athletes to dramatically improve their performance, health and above all, strength (specifically strength-to weight ratio).

Strength-to-weight ratio is simply the measurement of one’s physical strength divided by their weight. Maintaining an optimal ratio is essential for athletic performance, as well as accomplishment of functional daily tasks as one gets older. A good assessment of strength-to-weight ratio is how well an individual can do bodyweight activities (pull-ups, push-ups, jumps, sprints, etc.) as well as weight activities such as dead-lifts, squats, swings, and Turkish Get-Ups. Skillful execution of these exercises will enhance the athletes all around physical development which will enable them to perform any physical activity more or less successfully.

What Makes us the Top Youth Sports Training Program in Astoria, Queens?

Every athlete has their own injury history, athletic background, and goals. Each student is given and individualized program based on this information as well as our special movement session when they first sign up. We use general and specific movement exercises to evaluate the athletes strengths, weaknesses, asymmetries and mobility. If you're not assessing you are guessing!

The Keys to Success Are:

·         Safety turns into Simplicity

·         Basic movement patterns turn into strength

·         Flexibility increases with Strength

·         Strength increases running speed

.         Speed Development - Med Ball, Plyometrics and Kettlebell Drills are used to increase max velocity (explosiveness)

·         Specialized programming for each part of the season

·         Energy System Development (conditioning)

·         Speed Training - Progressing from locomotion (skipping, shuffling) to double jumping and technique drills to change of deceleration/acceleration drills.

We train athletes all-season long. We help them in preparation for their season, and to stay strong and healthy during the season.

Two Programs -

General ( 2x a week) only $99 a month, and Elite Sports Performance (5x weekly plus Kinstretch and Nutrition) 

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