“Unlock Your Body's Capabilities”

 Meet Our Summer Total Body Transformation Challenge!!!

UnCAGED is our 6-week kick start program that will have you looking and feeling great for the summer. You will not only get results but gain the knowledge for lifelong health and ferociousness.

Each one of us is born with the capability to be strong, mobile, and fit. This program taps into that ability.

 UnCAGED is the whole enchilada-Training and Nutrition all in one program!

 Our combined training and nutrition classes ensure you get the tools you need to get the results you want and squeeze the most out of your 6 weeks here at The Den.

Come meet us before you decide***Schedule your FREE Nutrition Consult and Fitness Progress Session  before you decide to join.

Here’s how we Uncage you:

·         3x Weekly Kettlebell and Conditioning Classes: We utilize circuit training, kettlebells and traditional barbells to build strength and muscular endurance. During this program, you will learn to use this equipment to perform full-body exercises that will build all over strength. During your eight weeks, you will progress through three separate phases to ensure effectiveness as well as safety. Benefits you may experience include fat loss, increased lean muscle mass, and improved conditioning.

·         2x Monthly Nutrition Sessions plus 1 Consultation:  During this 8 week program, you will work with our Registered Dietitian to determine your specific nutrition needs and target your specific goals. We realize that nutrition is not a "one size fits all" situation. Our program is therefore broken into classes based on individual skill level, personal history and level of readiness. By the end of this program you will not only be eating better, but feeling better as well. 

·         FRC and Assessment:  Like any machine, your body can break down. At Iron Lion, we don’t just make your body look good, we make it work better-  ensuring your body is ready for any challenge you throw at it. By the end of your 8 weeks, you will be running on all cylinders like a well-oiled engine .

·         Weekly Video Coaching Emails:  Log face time with the coaches even when you aren't at the gym. Weekly video emails from our coaches help you stay on course throughout your journey.

·         Great Community: Studies show that peer support is important for long-term success. Having fun makes the journey easy. At our gym, everyone is truly welcome. 


·         The Tools to Reach Your Ultimate Fitness Goals

·         No Contract, Membership Or Strings Attached – just 6 weeks of ferociousness

·         Clear Up Knee, Back and Shoulder Aches

  Did We Mention the Prizes?

 Grand Prize-  one lucky lion will win a complete refund

Second & Third Prize:  TWO Tickets to watch the Yankees or Mets (your choice)



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