The Iron Lion Way is not simply a “workout of the day;”it is a training system with the purpose of promoting lifelong fitness and health. With personal training, Iron Lion coaches will get you stronger and leaner through precise exercise progressions that will maximize your physical potential.

Our movement programming is based on training the body as a whole entity (one piece). Strengthening and counter-acting joint actions will clean up movement issues that cause back pain, poor posture, knee and shoulder pain, but above all else, produce highly successful physically fit individuals. You’ll move better, lift more weight, and most importantly, get into the greatest physical shape of your life


How does your fitness journey begin? 

Would you like to see what it's like to be a DENIZEN ?  ( A “DENIZEN” is an inhabitant, resident or person who regularly frequents a place.)

Try us for 30 days to see if this is right place for you. If after 30 days, we don't knock you off your paws with knowledge and energy then you can change your mind with no hassles. We want you to see what we are all about, so you can make an informed decision about your health and performance. 

It all starts with the Iron Lion Strong Progress Session - It's in our nature to make progress, it feels great, and so we do! In this session, we find out about your fitness journey and goals to devise a game plan to get you your results. Each exercise, sport, and movement requires certain joint demands. We use a specialized assessment and movement workout to set our clients up not only to unleash their potential, but to do so pain free. We're able to put you in position to thrive no matter what membership you choose. The movement workout you receive is one that has been used by the best athletes, physical therapist, and coaches in the world. 

This Plan helps us create an individualized warm-up and program for your first month here at The Den. If you decide to join, you will receive a new program every month based on your progress from the previous month. We're here to coach you safely and effectively through your whole fitness journey. 

You will also receive a complementary nutrition consultation with your trial.   

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One-on-One training –

  Our one-on one program is a place to hone in on your technique, learn our system, and clean up movement limitations in the ultimate hands on experience. The one-on-one setting also ensures a seamless transition into our semi-private training.


Semi-private Training -

 Over the last ten years, we have been able to hone our skills to enable us to provide a highly specialized training system for small groups. Our most sought after service, semi-private training provides you with the attention and programming characteristic of Iron Lion’s one-on-one sessions, but at a more affordable rate. You also have the added benefit of finding motivation from your peers as you work in a small group of 2-4 members, who are paired based on their fitness levels and goals.  Every group participant is given an individualized program, which changes every 4 weeks.

Personal Program - Everyone starts here! This program is tailored to the members movement, injuries, specific goals, and/ or event preparation (competitions or upcoming gatherings). 

Team Program - Do you like semi=private training but don't mind having a program that gives you options to choose from? Team Program gives you the same scheduling flexibility as the Personal Option but at a lower price point. Using kettlebell complexes, barbells and TRX, we will help you build the body and skill that will aid in all other physical endeavors. New Program every month!


Need Extra Work on your joints, nutrition, and/or weight loss? We have you covered. 


Conditioning and Kettlebells - included with Kinstretch in all of our memberships

Safety:  Under the guidance of our coaches, you will learn to properly use kettlebells.  When utilized safely, these tools promote great form and quality repetitions, and also promote joint health by allowing you to move through a full range of motion. 




Kettlebell Conditioning  - as you are engaging in compound movements, your body enters a state of lipolysis, where fat burning occurs.  On a biological level, circuits also lead to the release of growth hormone and help to burn fat and elevate your metabolism even after the workout ends. Precise programming will you help you endure long bouts of work and promote cardiovascular health and overall conditioning. In time, you will find that you can perform more work without sacrificing your technique.

Kinstretch: Condition your joints with coach Jason and Therapist Joe Gabmbino every Saturday at 9 am.

KB Skill Class– Want to focus on improving a particular lift?  Take your training to a new level with this skills workshop class, where we concentrate on only one exercise per session by breaking it into smaller chunks.  The slow pacing allows you to fortify the movement pattern, learn sound technique and deepen your skill practice.

The Inferno – this cardio class is just what need to complete your week.




At Iron Lion, we tailor programs for expecting mothers, post-partum clients and women looking to get back into shape after having children. We focus on re-training their core to help them return to their pre-birth strength and stability.

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