It is our pleasure to introduce the newest member of our team at Iron Lion Performance: Lauren Barnak. Lauren is a Registered Dietitian and former Division I springboard diver who obtained her BA in Biology from the University of San Diego, and her MS in Nutrition from CUNY Hunter College. She will be adding her nutrition expertise and her general enthusiasm to the already talented staff here at Iron Lion as the head of our nutrition program. Feel free to say “Hi” to her here at the gym! 

Initial Nutrition Assessment - 60 minutes

In this assessment, you will discuss a number of factors related to nutrition, including dietary habits, medical history, activity level, and potential limiting factors to personal goal achievement. The dietitian will then assist you in creating a a determining the next steps to improving your nutrition, using sustainable and reasonable behavioral changes. This assessment is aimed at  determining the right class placement and course content for you, based on where you currently are in your nutrition journey.

Nutrition Curriculum Course Content- 

Nutrition is intensely personal. As such, our program is meant to be tailored to every client's specific challenges and goals.  Our program is therefore broken into classes based on individual skill level, personal history and level of readiness. Here is a sample of the material we cover

o    Limiting Factors and How to Overcome Them

o    Good & Balanced Nutrition

o    Metabolism & How it Works

o    Water Consumption

o    Sleep Patterns & Their Effect On Health

o    Macro-nutrients

o    Shopping and Planning

 Nutrition Classes (60 min.) – 

   Private Nutrition Classes:

Iron Lion Performance currently offers both private and semi-private nutrition classes, to cater to and ensure a comfortable learning environment for all levels.  Private nutrition classes provide focused sessions exclusively devoted to your specific progress along your nutrition journey in a confidential and relaxed setting. Due to the individual nature of the private class, they can easily be tailored to discuss subjects such as chronic disease management, eating disorders or integrative and functional nutrition (the use of foods as medicine).

Semi-Private Nutrition Classes:

This small group setting is designed to leverage the community as a means to provide peer-to-peer accountability, motivation to provide beneficial momentum to push you forward towards your specific nutrition goals. Each 60 minute class will feature a different topic of discussion with handouts, and will then discuss participants' individual goals and  progress as needed. In addition, each participant will benefit fromcoach feedback outside of class, including email check-ins, a private Facebook group, helping to provide the guidance and correction needed to keep you moving smoothly forward. Throughout the progression of these classes, we will solidify and build on existing healthy dietary habits you have acquired to build long-term results.

NOTE: You must complete your initial Assessment first to participate in any of these classes!



  •   Email check-ins,  food log reviews
  • Peer-to-peer accountability and community support
  • Recommended food lists and helpful resources
  • Grocery shopping tips and tricks
  •   Recipes and best practices for maintaining good nutrition

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