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Large Group Training: 6+ members in a group

At Iron Lion Performance, we take pride in our strength, power and general physical preparedness.  A central tool to enhancing these capacities is the kettlebell.  The kettlebell, or girya as it is called in Russian, originated in eighteenth century Russia.  Kettlebells are versatile instruments that we use to build strength, develop explosive power and improve our conditioning. 

In each of our classes, the trainers at Iron Lion utilize circuits and kettlebell complexes to produce physically fit individuals. Kettlebell Complexes are series of full-body exercises performed sequentially and with calculated rep schemes and rest intervals.  All of the repetitions for one exercise are completed before moving on to the next exercise in the sequence. Some benefits of kettlebell complexes include:

·         Fat Loss:  Because you are engaging in compound movements (full body exercises like squats or deadlifts) and exerting force on the kettlebell, your body enters a state of lipolysis, where fat burning occurs.  On a biological level, circuits also lead to the release of growth hormone and help to burn fat and elevate your metabolism even after the workout ends.

·         Increased Lean Body Mass:  The key to building lean, hard muscle is by creating tension. During kettlebell complexes, tension is created between multiple muscles and trains each simultaneously (although, at different volumes).  The complex’s repetition schemes also allow for more volume, or work, to be performed within a given time period, making them ideal for building muscle.

 ·         Improved Conditioning: Kettlebell complexes help you endure long bouts of work and promote cardiovascular health and overall conditioning. In time, you will find that you can perform more work without sacrificing your technique.

 ·         Safety:  Under the guidance of our coaches, you will learn to properly use kettlebells.  When utilized safely, these tools promote great form and quality repetitions, and also promote joint health by allowing you to move through a full range of motion. 




Mobility Madness - We use a combination of bodyweight exercises and kettlebell drills to scrape the rust off from the weekend, priming you for the week ahead.  This class will enhance your mobility and flexibility while utilizing circuit style training to burn plenty of calories, boost your metabolism and promote fat loss.

Kettlebell Strength - This is the meat of the week. Using kettlebell complexes, barbells and TRX, we will help you build enormous strength and skill that will aid in all other physical endeavors.

Skill Class– Want to focus on improving a particular lift?  Take your training to a new level with this skills workshop class, where we concentrate on only one exercise per session by breaking it into smaller chunks.  The slow pacing allows you to fortify the movement pattern, learn sound technique and deepen your skill practice.

Recovery/Locomotion Class–If you’re looking for a mid-week recovery, or a great way to kick the weekend off, this class is for you.  We use Somatic exercises (centered on deep breathing) to relax the nervous system and restore movement awareness. Somatic movements, when combined with traditional stretches, allow you to relax into a deeper strength.  We top this off with some locomotion, or movement and change-of-direction drills (ball drills, European Handball), to restore our body’s primal movement patterns. (Weather permitting, this portion of the class will sporadically be held outside).





Team Strength – 7:00 PM


Team Conditioning -  7:00 PM


Team Conditioning - 6:15 AM

Team Strength – 7:00 PM    


Kettlebell Skills –  7:00 PM


Bootcamp - 9:00 AM


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