Be as strong in last round as you were in the first!


Keeping a MMA fighter fresh, powerful, and strong is a tough task. It's important their training regimen compliments their skill practice, and that they vary their intensity accordingly. Our three time a week program starts out with the hardest strength and condition work out of the week, and tapers down to a sports specific cardio output day to end the week (easy but kills many birds with one stone).

Here are some of the principles that play a big part in our fighting methodology here at ILP.
• General and Specific movement screen that aids in a individual warm-up routine.
•Strong First Programming Principles are largely based on training tactical units. They need to be powerful and strong but also fresh daily. Feeling overly sore or fatigued can lead to their demise. We use an anti-glycolytic training method to enable our fighters to produce less lactic acid, enabling them to continuously explode without tiring.
•Baseball Development- powerful rotation sport just like MMA, aids in picking up asymmetries in fighters assessments and arm care. 
•Speed/Agility work
•FRC Principles - joint integrity and control of your end range of motion is always important but more so in fighting, since you will apply force and/or try to be forced into many vulnerable positions. 

We use these principles not only in devising our weekly plan but in setting up a 12 week programming leading up to the fight. We have two phases of strength cycles followed by a specific 4 week plan that will keep the fighter fresh and the nervous system primed for the fight. 

* We recommend you start 16 weeks out if you haven't worked with us before. 

Adam Kownacki WBC #4 Ranked Heavyweight in the World

Adam Kownacki WBC #4 Ranked Heavyweight in the World


We are the proud home of Professional Fighters

Jared Gordon - UFC

Smealinho Rama - WSOF - Former Heavyweight Champ

Adam Kownacki - Professional Heavyweight Boxer

Marco Huck - Professional Boxer

Joao Zeferino - WSOF

Sydney Maccow - Professional Boxer

Kalief Lindo - 2020 Olympic Hopeful


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