When we observe the lion in nature, we detect an easy strength and a natural dignity. The lion is born powerful, and power comes naturally to it. There is no false bravado as the lion has no need of it. Each of us is born powerful and divine. The lion reminds us of this.

The IRON LION WAY is not just an ordinary workout for today, but a plan with a purpose of lifelong health. Exercise gives you the strength, flexibility, mobility,  and poise to own your life, not survive it . To help prove to yourself that you are strong and have unlimited potential. For athletes (which everyone is) it's performing at a high level consistently and safely. As we get older, it's being able to pick up things, playing with grandchildren, and enjoying the fruits of our labor pain free. Everyone can live and deserves to live Iron Lion Strong.      

Your training is based on strengthening your body through precise movement progressions that will maximize your physical sphere. Improved posture, breathing mechanics, core awareness,  eating habits and strength will leave you feeling fit for life. When fitness is seen as a skill and time is taken to develop proper movements, full body health will optimized. Injury risk will be greatly reduced while stress will be regulated. General strength , coordination, mobility, will have you prepared for a wide variety activities.

Exercise has been a powerful force that has shaped our life in every way.  Planning, preparation, building a foundation, patterning, strength, and poise under pressure are not just important for lifelong health, but also for success in every aspect of life. Take the Turkish get-up for example; the weight over your head is the pressure. The poise is not rushing and completing every step fluidly because you know the weight is one with your body.  Like the "get-up", in life when you're in a pressure situation, You will have the poise to see all angles and execute. You either survive the lift or own lift. Choose to own the lift.




The center of gravity is constantly changing, but your core is essential and acts as your center point to the body for proper function. The kettlebell assists with identifying a foundation causing the body stabilizers and connective tissue to fire harder. In essence , the kettlebell teaches you how to activate your core and stabilizers to allow your bigger muscles to express their strength. Based on my ten years of coaching experience, I have concluded that if all people hired a highly qualified kettlebell instructor to learn the fundamental movements, their physical health and performance would be optimized.