Complete Baseball  Performance Training


Build the Strength, Power, Speed, and Durability You Need to Get to the Next Level

Complete Baseball Performance Training

The top baseball training program in Queens, NY! 

Welcome to our Complete Baseball Performance Training Program. The movement demands of baseball are unique to any other sport. The velocity of which a baseball is thrown is stressful on the body. Having training that is specialized for a baseball players needs is a game changer.

Common movement limitations that baseball players experience can be detected early through proper assessment

·         Upward Rotation and Protraction of the Scapula

·         Rotator Cuff Weakness

·         Flat T-spine

·         Rotational Power of the Hips

·         Trunk Stability

What the athlete gets?
• Joint by Joint Movement Assessment
• Individualized 5 Day Training Program (changes Monthly) 
• Monthly Nutrition Class and check-ins
• Unlimited Kinstretch Class
• In-season Arm Care and Strength Guide

We have worked with over 40 baseball players ranging from the local High schools to Collegiate players from Villanova, LIU Brooklyn, Marshall commit, Aldephi, and Queens College to name a few. We constantly prepare and continually educate ourselves in order to give the Iron Lion Athlete a distinctive edge on the playing field.

We look forward to you becoming #ironlionstrong

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