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 First, let’s understand what Kinstretch is not. Kinstretch is not Yoga. Kinstretch is not Pilates. Kinstretch is not Zumba. While these methods might all be great at getting people to become more physically active, they’re not helping individuals enhance their joint health and mobility in a sustainable fashion. This is what makes Kinstretch different.

     Using the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) system, Kinstretch allows you to assess and correct your movement deficiencies that could be leading to pain in everyday life. This is a movement enhancement methodology that teaches you how to maximally control your body and expand your usable ranges of motion. Adequate range of motion actively creates a more resilient and efficient human being.

     Kinstretch should be the prerequisite to all physical activity. Want to partake in sports? Yoga? Play with your kids? Great, you should. Make Kinstretch a priority prior to these activities in order to keep you durable and healthy when engaging in the activities you love and enjoy.