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Take Pride Tuesday's: Skinny Fat to Lean Machine

Our recent Take Pride Tuesday blogs have begun with a goal and have graduated into making fitness an important factor in striving to be better. Like Mike, many of our clients who strive to be better, join the Iron Lion team. Don’t be overwhelmed by the end results you may see- consider them options during your own journey. Celebrate your successes and keep pushing yourself.

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Take Pride Tuesdays - No False Starts Here, Strictly Results!!!

The keys of success through Alex’s eyes are “finally finding exercises that challenge me without discouraging me.”Alex now looks forward to her time at the gym with her 5-day per week program "The coaches and other members have become friends that are borderline family. The support each member shows one another is so unique.  It helps reinforce my commitment to myself, my strength and my health” Alex stated.  You can now find Alex swinging the 64-pound kettle bell, deadlifting 205 pounds on the trap bar for homework, and randomly doing inchworms like a crazy person (it’s her favorite exercise, yes we know…. strange). “My body continues to surprise me, and I am lucky to share those physical wins with my Iron Lion Performance family,” Alex explained. 

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Take Pride Tuesday's : Rick Transform

The goal of “TAKE PRIDE TUESDAY’S” is to show growth in our fellow team members and share their success stories.  Each week we will focus on a success story within our community to broadcast real life victories to empower you to push yourself to the limit and achieve great strength and command of your physical sphere—after all, strength is not given, it is earned. 

This week we will focus on one of the Den’s co-founders, Ricky Borg. It isn’t always easy as a married, parent of two, to work on his health, but in making the time, Ricky has experienced great results—weighing in at 165 pounds (a loss of 22 pounds) and dropping two pant sizes, Ricky is on the road to a much healthier lifestyle.

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