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Feel Good Friday: Recovery 101

Some of the most important work that your body will do occurs during sleep. Think of it like taking your car into the shop. It is crucial maintenance that keeps your body running productively. Muscles are repaired, blood cleaned and circulated, cells renewed. This is definitely not “down time”.  Sleep is literally preparing you for living.  Quality sleep can provide quality of life.

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How to breathe : The Power of Breathing

The ability to breathe efficiently and have control over one’s breath can be the key to unlocking strength, having more energy and managing stress (relaxation). Breathing is the facilitator of all human movement. Yet most people breathe incorrectly, which hinders their performance and can even cause chronic muscle tension and pain. 

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The Loaded Stretch - Stretching with a Purpose

 If you look closely at dynamic stretches, you will see they are the unloaded (no weights) version of strength exercises. If we maintain the same form under load, we will achieve optimal resting length. Also, if we think of the stretches as our weight lifting counterpart, we will ingrain that motor pattern. That stretch now has a greater purpose and will more readily transfer over to the squat rack or bench.

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