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Exercise Tip of the Week: Un-racking the RDL

Here at Iron Lion, you will often hear the trainers say " respect the weight." What we mean is a weight can make you or break you and we need to ensure focus throughout the duration of the lift for safety. An exercise begins with the set-up and is over when the weight is put back to the floor or rack. Many people often get hurt putting a weight down or back haphazardly instead of using the technique taught for the lift. Remember, we are teaching you how to handle weight, and you need to follow these directions until the weight is out of your hands. This weeks video demonstrates how to un-rack and rack the RDL.

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One-arm Row Set Up for a Sculpted and Pain Free Back

Although the row seems quite simple to execute, it is actually one of the hardest to get right. With this being the case, I hesitate to give it for homework and relegate it to supervised sessions.  Performing this exercise poorly can lead to a scoliosis pattern (low shoulder), shoulder impingement, and short lats. However, most of these negative effects can be mitigated by a great set-up.

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Progressions of Glute Medius Stability

The gluteal muscles factor into nearly every strength or powerlifting exercise, and as Devin illustrates, their failure to fire properly results in the muscles of the back compensating, often times leading to lower back pain. Below, I discuss the function of the glute medius/minimus muscles, why they become weak in the first place and how to correctly strengthen the glutealcomplex.

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