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Feel Good Friday - Working Through Injury

Many people, myself included, have grown up active and have been taught to push through a little bit of pain. We think that if we ignore the problem, it will go away. If I can do a little, I can do a little more. This often results in making the injury much, much worse. The sooner that you fully accept your situation, the quicker that you will be able to take control and get the appropriate care.

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The Truth about Youth Training

Youth athletics is a topic that engenders great discussion and debate among trainers, strength coaches and parents. Often, we hear stories of children and teens who push themselves (or are pushed by parents and coaches) to the physical brink within their sport only to suffer debilitating injuries that impede their athletic career.  In this article, you will find the research that proves these incidents are more pervasive than we could imagine and what we can do to prevent them. 

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Strength and Fitness Standards For Women

There exists a misconception in today’s society concerning physical standards for girls and women.  We live within a culture that encourages females to be extremely thin, an ideal that is enforced by the mainstream media.  Aside from the well-researched and documented implications of this standard (women developing anorexia nervosa, bulimia and a host of other eating or exercise related disorders), there is one that is rarely touched upon: the impact it exerts on women’s strength and fitness levels.  It follows that women refrain from lifting weights because they think they will “bulk up,” become too big or muscular and lose their feminine elegance.

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