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Take Pride Tuesday's: The Great Wall of Joan

Sometimes connections to a gym are not specifically goal oriented or geared around weight loss.Wanting to feel good in your body is very important to many current and perspective clients. As we age, regular exercise becomes essential in keeping our bodies and minds healthy, and allows us to maintain our independence longer.  Especially clients who want to be energetic and agile, meet Joan Garrison.

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How to Pack Your Head for the Deadlift, Squat and Swing

In my last blog, I discussed proper static neck positioning (without moving).  Now that you understand how to pack the head when you’re steady, you can progress to doing so dynamically (with movement). The neck must move in harmony with the rest of the body, or it can greatly affect how you lift. In this post, you will see this relationship within the deadlift, squat, and swing respectively. 

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