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Stronger Feet for Stronger Deadlifts

Here at Iron Lion, you will hear the trainers cueing you to grip with your feet or to root your feet into the ground. Why are the feet so important? It’s because the feet spread over a surface, grip it and send sensory messages about it to the rest of the muscles, telling them how much strength to apply. Athletes and clients should be able to separate the toes, spread the floor and grip with the big toe, lighting up the muscles of foot and creating an arch of support or neutral foot. One exercise that really helps you feel this foot-body connection is the RDL.

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How to Pack Your Head for the Deadlift, Squat and Swing

In my last blog, I discussed proper static neck positioning (without moving).  Now that you understand how to pack the head when you’re steady, you can progress to doing so dynamically (with movement). The neck must move in harmony with the rest of the body, or it can greatly affect how you lift. In this post, you will see this relationship within the deadlift, squat, and swing respectively. 

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AB ROLLOUTS : The Key to bigger overhead presses and pulls!

The AB rollout is the ultimate anti-extension training tool and can be considered a “complete package” exercise for numerous reasons. For starters, it teaches you how to hollow your core and keep your musculature (abs, glutes) tight.  Second, it trains one of the primary movements of your trunk from a functional perspective: anti-spinal extension.  Lastly, as previously noted, the exercise has enormous carryover to many other strength and conditioning staples.

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