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Stronger Feet for Stronger Deadlifts

Here at Iron Lion, you will hear the trainers cueing you to grip with your feet or to root your feet into the ground. Why are the feet so important? It’s because the feet spread over a surface, grip it and send sensory messages about it to the rest of the muscles, telling them how much strength to apply. Athletes and clients should be able to separate the toes, spread the floor and grip with the big toe, lighting up the muscles of foot and creating an arch of support or neutral foot. One exercise that really helps you feel this foot-body connection is the RDL.

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The Dreaded Ankle Sprain

Incurring an ankle sprain is devastating. Not only are athletes or clients unable to perform in events, the compensation pattern adopted can lead to many more problems that do not necessarily trace back to the ankle. With an ankle injury (as with other injuries), the waist muscles opposite to the injury tighten out of the need to both compensate and lighten the load placed on the injured area until the body heals. Even after the injury heals, the compensation pattern can sometimes remains dominant.

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