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Feel Good Friday: The Winning Mindset

Matters of mindset and mental approach have long been of interest in the world of athletics, but a recent abundance of research and literature on the topic has peaked my interest in how it can help all of us achieve our goals in and out of the gym.

Today, I’d like to mention a popular idea of Fixed vs. Growth Mindset, made famous by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck in Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, as demonstrated in the graphic below.

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Power with Age

In my last post, I described the need to develop strength before power.  Building a base of strength is critical before implementing power exercises.   Once this base is established, we can implement power exercises that will benefit us athletically as well with daily functional tasks.  We often assume that because power is dynamic in nature, it should be regulated to athletes and Olympic lifters.  Yet, power can play a significant role in helping us within our daily lives.  The truth is, older adults can greatly benefit from power exercises. Power loss occurs at twice the rate of strength losses and is a major performance quality associated with independence, fall prevention and faster recovery following an injury.  Once we understand the power spectrum, we will know what power exercises we can prescribe safely to our older adult students.

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