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Take Pride Tuesday: Personal Training gets Semi Personal

 The change from private training to semi private training was initially a concern with varying ambitions, however, individual programming and a strong presence of community at ILP allowed this new team to collaborate and learn something special from the other; something they had not experienced in their previous years of training. Julia says, “It’s not just about personal gains anymore, it is about seeing your partner succeed and own the movements well.”

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Take Pride Tuesday : Pauline Transforms

Welcome to the second edition of Take Pride Tuesday’s, as we would like to introduce you to Pauline Kakkos. Pauline is one of our fiercest members within the Lion’s Den and has accomplished so much in such a short period of time.  In sitting down and talking to Pauline it was very clear that this warrior was not aware for what she was about to discover within her inner sphere.  “It started out as a goal to lose weight, and now has become more than that, as I now want to be strong. This has become who I am as a person,” Pauline stated.  

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Strength and Fitness Standards For Women

There exists a misconception in today’s society concerning physical standards for girls and women.  We live within a culture that encourages females to be extremely thin, an ideal that is enforced by the mainstream media.  Aside from the well-researched and documented implications of this standard (women developing anorexia nervosa, bulimia and a host of other eating or exercise related disorders), there is one that is rarely touched upon: the impact it exerts on women’s strength and fitness levels.  It follows that women refrain from lifting weights because they think they will “bulk up,” become too big or muscular and lose their feminine elegance.

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