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Exercise Tip of the Week: Dead-Stop-Swing Technique

Getting the bell off the floor with proper technique during our swings,cleans, presses is going to be crucial as the weights gets heavier. When we don't set-up correctly, we put ourselves in poor position to express our strength (waste energy) and this could lead to poor performance and injury. Check out the video to dial in on your swing form. 

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Loaded Carries

Loaded carries are essentially mobile planks. Once a student has mastered the plank and side plank, we add carries into the programming. When a student begins utilizing loaded carries, the weight of the kettlebell or other implement, is an important consideration. I typically use a kettlebell that is one size up from what a student can press, squat, and deadlift with a single leg. Each carry complements a certain exercise more than others. The overhead walk with the press, goblet walk with the squat, and one arm walk with the one leg deadlift. This builds strength endurance and stability before moving onto more dynamic movements.

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Poise Under Pressure - The Turkish Get-up

The Turkish Get-Up is the epitome of poise-under-pressure. The head, neck, and torso align perfectly to form a harmonious postural relationship. In other words, our bodies are properly stacked during this exercise, allowing us great freedom and an enhanced capacity for global movement. In Michael J. Gelb’s book Body Learning, he wrote of the link between head, neck, and torso: “[The link] increases our store of potential energy, allowing movements to be undertaken in the most economical way possible, so long as the balancing mechanism is not interfered with. And it promotes the best possible functioning of the body’s life-support system (i.e. breathing,circulation, digestion) and of intelligence and emotions”. This is the exact relationship that occurs in a well-executed TGU. The Get-Up is the perfect blend of looseness and tension and encompasses all qualities of fitness, including strength, stability, mobility, flexibility, endurance and hypertrophy.

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