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Feel Good Friday - Get to Know Our Members

Over the past year, with the assistance of a supportive team and management at work, and now my home away from home, I feel that I have hit my stride personally and professionally. Iron Lion Performance has offered me more than a good workout. They have helped me to develop into the athlete I knew I could be. This summer, I plan on attaining my level one Kettlebell coaching certification from Strongfirst, but I know that is just the first step in a long and exciting journey. 

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Feel Good Friday: Reflections on Group Training - From The Group

Four of the women members at ILP talk about their experience working with each other in the semi-private group with Coach Hayley. To read about the impact they have on each other is priceless. Thank you Laura, Angela, Kat, Heather and Coach Hayley for sharing your experience! You made it a Feel Good Friday!

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Exercise Tip of the Week: Dead-Stop-Swing Technique

Getting the bell off the floor with proper technique during our swings,cleans, presses is going to be crucial as the weights gets heavier. When we don't set-up correctly, we put ourselves in poor position to express our strength (waste energy) and this could lead to poor performance and injury. Check out the video to dial in on your swing form. 

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