Wellness Wednesday: The Benefits of Breakfast


Breakfast has long been described as the ‘most important meal of the day’, but why? Science shows that people who eat breakfast think and perform better while on the job, but breakfast can also support us in other ways.


One of those ways is weight control. Eating breakfast, especially a breakfast rich in protein is associated with better weight maintenance. Aim to get 20-30g of protein at breakfast. Protein slows digestion, meaning your breakfast will keep you feeling satisfied longer. It also means that you will be more likely to choose healthier, portion controlled options at your next meal, instead of eating the first thing you come in contact with once you realize you’re ravenous.


Eating breakfast can also help with mood. Drops and spikes in insulin tend to cause mood swings. Even if you don’t have diabetes, these mood swings can manifest as grumpy or “hangry” when blood sugar levels dip too low. Eating breakfast keeps levels steadier throughout the day and you on a more even keel.


So what is best to eat for breakfast? Science seems to support the idea of eating a combination of protein and carbohydrate as the best option. This includes things like Greek yogurt and fruit, veggie and cheese omelets or a bean and cheese burrito. Don’t have time for a meal at home? Grab a protein bar and a piece of fruit. Hitting Starbucks or Dunkin for your coffee? Grab some egg bites and a banana or the egg white wrap.  If you really can’t manage to get breakfast in your face every day, take solace in the fact that you will still be able to perform, just perhaps not at full capacity.