Wellness Wednesday: Cruise Control


Hello, my fierce little beasties! Can you believe we are already rolling into August? This summer is flying! It’s like I sneezed and it was more than halfway gone. For me, this time of the year is all about savoring the warm days and long hours of sunlight, before committing myself to another long winter of heavy clothes and a pasty complexion. So I’ll keep this short and sweet. While we all want to savor the last minutes of summer, not many of us are ready to surrender our hard-fought-for swimsuit bodies. So here it is: the easy, short version of portion control.


1.     Use a Small Plate:

Yeah, yeah, I know. If you follow my blogs at all, you know I am a fan of this one. Turns out, it’s a season-less staple that you can have in your “nutrition closet” whatever the weather. If you’re at a BBQ, luau, wedding, baby shower, hotel buffet, be sure to take a little plate. Why? It means you have limited space to shove food, ergo? BAM. Portion control.


2.     Feel Free to Veg Out:

If you really want to up the ante, fill half your plate with crudité and keep the calories down, while keeping the feelings of fullness high.


3.     Mix Your Drinks:

Do you know what packs on the pounds faster than anything? Alcohol. In contrast to carbohydrates and protein (which are 4 calories per gram), pure alcohol weighs in at almost double that amount. This means its extra easy to pack on the pounds, if the drinks are cold and plentiful. Solution? Mix it up. Switch your boozy beverages with seltzer, tonic with lime or plain old H2O.



So, enjoy the summer and everything it brings. Just keep these little hints in mind while you do.