Take Pride Tuesday - Jen Gutierrez : Producing Strength for Life!

In The Den, there is no shortage of strong women raising tiny humans while balancing ever demanding careers. One such fascinating woman is the focus of this installment of Take Pride Tuesday! Those that are fortunate to workout along side of Jen, know that the woman gives good conversation and has a delightfully wicked sense of humor. Always a bright spot in my day, I am thrilled to spotlight her in this way. Take it away, Jen!!


Hello! I’m Jen. I grew up in a suburb outside of Houston and went to college in Olympia, Washington (which I loved). I met my husband when I was studying abroad in Florence and his job brought us to New York. I sort of fell into working in TV. I’m a story producer on House Hunters International. It can be fun, but is also very stressful. I like to knit and used to be a karaoke assassin, but I can't stay out late like I used to because toddlers don't care what time you went to bed or how much mezcal you've had. They are still getting up before 6 AM.

I was severely injured in a fairly horrific car accident as a girl which has lead to chronic lower back pain, which until three years ago, I more or less managed. After having my daughter I was feeling very tired and having a lot of joint and lower back pain again. I wasn’t showing up as the kind of mom I wanted to be so I had to make a change. A friend told me about Iron Lion. Despite feeling nervous because weight training is so outside of my comfort zone (I'm more of a spin and yoga sort of person) I took a chance and have not regretted it.

Every coach here is so knowledgeable and coming from a place of non-judgement. I feel so much stronger than I ever have. I had to carry my 35lb sleeping daughter from the beach to the train station while wearing a giant backpack and while it wasn't easy, I did it.