Wellness Wednesday: Cool Hacks for Hot Days

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Hello, my sweaty little friends! It’s almost August, and I don’t know about you, but my poorly ventilated city kitchen is feeling like the seventh circle of hell, even without the stove on. So I decided that this week’s blog would be devoted to some of my favorite hot weather recipes (aka-ways to beat the heat and maintain your meal prep). So without further ado, I bring you- hot weather food cheats.


Curried Chicken Salad

This is a darn easy recipe. Now, while the recipe listed below has a dynamite combination of spices and ingredients, it calls for you to actually cook the chicken.  Yeah, no. Sorry, its too hot out. Luckily, we can skip this step by bringing in a ringer-  the faithful grocery store rotisserie chicken. Devoted blog followers know I am obsessed with the utility of this grocery store staple, and easy fixes like this salad are most of the reason. In this case, strip the appropriate amount of meat from the chicken to fulfill the recipe and then add the other stuff. Chicken salad is really flexible, so you can basically adapt the recipe to fit your tastes, and customize it using whatever you have on hand.



If you have 10 minutes and a blender, you can make this dish. Pick up some crusty bread on the way home for the store for this one. Crusty bread is not only an essential ingredient in the dish, but also makes a wonderful tool for dipping into the finished, chilled soup. Turn this meal into a mini tapas party and serve it with ripe cantaloupe and prosciutto for an easy dinner with a lot of ‘wow’ factor.



Chickpea Pesto Sandwich

Trying to add more plant-based meals into your life? This recipe is a good place to start. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s dead easy to make and a great way to get rid of one of those cans of chickpeas that are kicking around in your fridge.