Wellness Wednesday: A Word On Goals and Support


 We are all different. This fact should come as no surprise to any member of Iron Lion. Our members’ ages span a good 50 years and they come from all walks of life. As such, their goals are not all the same. This is okay. Despite the fact that goals may differ, and one person’s goals may look silly to another person, we are all entitled to our own goals. Whether they are aesthetic, behavior or strength related, at Iron Lion all goals are created equal. It is not up to any one of us to place value judgments on the goals of another. Our job, as coaches, members and teammates is to accept difference.  Beyond that, to be truly great, we are each called to support one another and celebrate each other’s victories. It is this culture of acceptance, support and camaraderie with which we will all be able to push forward and become better than yesterday- we will become truly great. Lift each other up. Support and be supported. Together we are strong. Reach out and find the hands of your teammates. They are waiting to lift you up. Sometimes, it really does take a village... or a den.