Wellness Wednesday: How To Dine Out


If Only It were That Easy…

If Only It were That Easy…

Hey there Denizens! As we slide into May, the weather is only going to get warmer, inviting evening glasses of wine and impromptu dinners al fresco.  While these things might sound like no big deal, they can make a huge impact on your overall nutrition if they are not executed with at least some amount of planning and forethought… and before you start making a face, wait. I realize that nobody likes feeling like “that” person in the group that can’t eat anything on the menu. I get it.  But just because you are committed to proper nutrition doesn’t mean you need to be a social leper.

1.      Plan Before You Go

Know where you’re going ahead of time? Great! Nowadays most restaurants have their menus, if not all of their nutritional information online. Cruising the menu before you go will give you plenty of time to make a good decision without feeling pressured by time or by what everyone else is getting.

2.      Make Reservations, If Possible

Making sure that you have a place waiting for you cuts down the time spent waiting while hungry and number of drinks at the bar if you have to wait for a table.

3.      Spoil Your Dinner

If you’re going out to dinner straight from work, be sure to have a snack before you go. Walking into a restaurant starving pay lead you to eat more than you normally would or make a hasty decision about what you’re ordering based on extreme hunger. Good choices include things like apples and carrot sticks.

4.      Be Aware of Wording

If you have to choose your meal items at the restaurant, watch how each item is described. Words such as: creamy, buttery, rich, breaded or crispy can mean added fat in the form of sauces and frying. Instead choose dishes described as: grilled, baked, steamed, broiled or roasted.

5.      Take Your Time

Remember, eating is not a timed event. Your body needs at least 20 minutes to realize that its been fed. Taking your time with your food means you will be more likely to only consume what your body needs. So put your fork down between bites, enjoy the conversation of the people around you or take a drink of water. Meals are meant to be enjoyed.


Stay tuned this month, as we continue to tackle nutrition in social situations. Next up? The bar.