Performance Mindset: UnCage Your Habits

This weekend I discussed with the Iron Lion community the importance of our daily habits during our throw-down party for UnCaged. If you haven’t heard yet what our UnCaged processes yet check it out at the link below. It truly is transformational!


Habits are like a revolving door that we continuously and willingly walk through. With that in mind there are good habits that help us, and bad habits that hinder us. Which leads me to the questions: How do we compound on the good habits to keep us moving in the direction towards the person we want to become, and how do we limit the poor habits that we willingly do knowing that they are bad for us? 

The answer is more simple than we make it to be most of the time, we write it down. As coaches we believe in this process so much so that we encourage every member of our community to write every time they are in the Den - by writing in their programs, and essentially tracking their progress. When we write your programs it allows us to track your progress and gives you a tangible resource to SEE your progress. A similar process happens when you track your own numbers as you go - coaches call that autonomy. You can do the same things with your daily and weekly habits outside of the Den. Over time you’ll discover either how your habits have progressed to help you, stayed the same leaving in mostly the same position as where you started from, or hindered you from transforming into the person you wish to become. 

Tracking your habits offers visual measurements that provide clear evidence of progress while also allowing you to: reflect on your time spent (to show that you’re time is well spent on the things that matter most), sharpen your next steps (more precise decision making), and give you direction (instead of blindly guessing)

The Key to Tracking Your Habits:

Make It Easy

A very small and mundane thing to do, but show up everyday and track something. New habits don’t have to be impressive to be useful, but they do need to be consistent. Be persistent about doing this small action everyday. Here are a few starting places to get you going:

Food journals: Tracking your food and fluids for a healthier stronger you! 

Workout Journals: Your programs are great for this one - complete more programs! 

Check Marks: The classic to-do list - check it off and it’s completed! 

Check-Ins: More check-in’s at the gym instead of seamless, per-se. 

Pictures: Before and after…instead of the scale? 

Daily Journal: What happened today?

Gratitude Journal: What are you grateful for? 

Productivity Journal: What are your three wins for the week? 

Mood Journal: What is the happiest event that happened this week?  

Tracking your systems shouldn’t feel like an obligation, so set yourself up in a comfortable way to be successful and build on your success over time.  Even if it’s one sentence a day about what you’re grateful for! After 31 days of the month you’ll have 31 things to be grateful for! Or if your check-marks are a morning/evening routine that helps you get to the gym more often. These are great motivational starts to the next month that can/will shows progress. 

Some days will be more difficult to have your thoughts come to you, but remember that this shouldn’t feel like an obligation. You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. It’s all compound interest - It adds up to a better you.