Take Pride Tuesday - Carla Vilches: Caring for our Den Community

Whether she is dancing on the turf, encouraging smiles with her funky shirts and socks, or offering up timely spirit-lifting advice, Carla Vilches has been caring for her fellow Denziens from the moment she arrived! This Lioness proves that sometimes we all need those soul-sharing accessory exercises! We are thrilled to showcase this lovely lady! Take it away, Carla!


I am Carla Sofia Vilches Ortega!! Yes, born and raised in PR hence the long name, which I love!

I went to a department of defense school,  and have been around the Military my whole life.

I have a bachelors in Occupational therapy, a masters in clinical nutrition, a doctorate in

chiropractic and board certified in pregnancy and pediatrics (additional 3 years of school).

I have worked as a healthcare practitioner for over 17 years, with experience in geriatric, pediatric, special needs population, mental health, sports injuries, orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiovascular rehab, prenatal, postnatal, breastfeeding, etc.

I have a passion for life coaching, transformational work and integrate that in my practice, with my patients and with my clients from all over the world.

I truly believe in living a life of contribution and service, I believe in community, I believe people are capable to tap into their best self when living in a balanced body/mind and taking the time to work on themselves.


My hobbies, I’d say I love the beach, traveling, spending time with friends and family and my

dogs, coaching, dance classes, connecting and making new friends, eating really good food and

working out! Doing as much as I can with my husband, Albert, (also a Den member!) we get a long really well!

I chose to give Iron Lion try based on a recommendation from Steve Cirbus (my previous

Crossfit Coach at EFC Crossfit), when they closed down. Since I have preexisting injuries (various disc herniations, plus a congenital lumbar spine issue) I wasn’t sure what to do.  I decided to give it a try, a decision I do not regret =)


I have loved my experience at IronLion, and share it with everyone all the time. When you find

something that works you share it with people you love! And I love people, so I share it with

everyone lol! I have found community, awesome training experience from all the coaches, and

it’s a very fun and empowering environment across the board.

My goal was to find a place I could train doing functional exercises, not exacerbate my injuries,

get stronger, do a strict pull-up, no pain when doing DL or squat, do a push-up, have guidance

and support a long the way! I am well on my way in achieving all of my fitness goals and lots

more! My booty is tightening up too! Thank you IronLion!