Wellness Wednesday: Back to Basics

mind diet.jpg

Hey Denizens! March is National Nutrition Month! Here at ILP, I am celebrating by bringing it back to basics and really reviewing some of what I consider to be the pillars of good nutrition. Let’s dig in!

1.    Find Your Balance-

Did you know that balancing your carbs with protein and fat at meals and snacks can help you stay feeling “full” for a longer time than carbs alone? It can also help prevent energy crashes like that “ 4 o’clock feeling” you may have had in the afternoon. Examples of good meal/ snack combinations include: roasted almonds or a low-fat string cheese and an apple, omelets with roasted veggies, grilled chicken salad, or chili.

2.    Get Your Z’s-

Clinical studies have shown that lack of sleep can drastically affect hunger cues, specifically that the less sleep you get, the hungrier you feel. Getting the proper amount of sleep can help you avoid overeating in the long run. So don’t neglect it!

3.    Drink Up-

Your body only has a limited number of ways to tell you that something is wrong. The feelings for hunger and thirst are very similar and “thirsty” can often feel like “hungry”. By drinking the right amount of water per day, you do two things: can help prevent these feelings of false hunger and lessen the chances that you will overeat.

4.    Fill In The Gaps-

No one has a perfect diet. Even the Pro’s may find that their diet lacks certain nutrients. A good quality multi-vitamin can be a great way to fill in those little gaps that can keep you from running at peak performance. Just be sure to check with your doctor first, in case any of the medications you may be taking have the potential to interact with vitamins.

5.    Slow It Down-

It takes the average person’s body between 15 -20 minutes to realize that its been given food. By slowing down the pace of your meals and being sure to chew your food thoroughly, you give your body a chance to react to the food you’ve given it-making you much less likely to eat more than you need.