Wellness Wednesday: The Radical Act of Self-Care


Greetings,  beloved Denizens!  Welcome to February, the month of Hallmark cards, flower delivery and love. February and Valentine’s Day usually suggest thoughts of couples and romantic love, this month we’re going to be deviating from tradition and exploring a new focus: yourself. Just as a relationship with a significant other requires time and effort, maintaining a good connection with your body also requires effort- in the form of self-care.


Now for all my tough cookies out there, all this talk about ‘self-care’ might seem a little silly or weird. Despite the fact that the phrase ‘self-care’ might sound a little fancy, it’s really linked to a very primal instinct- survival. Historically, if you didn’t pay attention to your body’s signals, you might have missed cues that would’ve meant your life. While it’s true that in present times, you are statistically less likely to be eaten by a predator than our early ancestors, failing to take care of yourself and your health can still impact your health and your lifespan in a real way, leading to chronic disease, a reduced quality of life and even premature death. In a nutshell, when you ignore your body’s needs: sleep; healthy food; mental well-being; your total health is compromised. If you do this more often than your body can handle, things start to go south fast: we call this disease. This is not a place you want to go.


I know that for a lot of you, devoting time to yourselves may seem selfish or like time that you should be devoting to your partner or your children. For all of you that feel like self-care is selfish, let me just say that devotion to family and children is another great reason to practice self-care. There is a saying that says, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup.’ As a provider, taking good care of yourself is the best way you can ensure that you have enough gas in the tank to take care of the things and people you need to. It’s not selfish, it’s selfless.


Join me next time on the blog for some quick tips you can practice to up your self-care game and be the healthiest version of yourself in 2019!