Take Pride Tuesday - Tina Koo: Fit To Fight!

Perhaps you have been enamored by her sock collection, epic sprint drills, generous smiles or authentic Korean goodies! Without a doubt, Tina was a quick incorporation into our community here at The Den. We are excited to give you a look into the life of this fierce but friendly fighter!


Hi, I’m Tina. I’m a “disease detective” by day, and student by night. At all other hours of the day, you’ll find me either boxing at Mendez Boxing Gym, training at Iron Lion Performance, exploring another country, or climbing a mountain.

I decided to check out ILP after dislocating my shoulder while boxing (for the umpteenth time). My sparring partner couldn’t stop raving about the difference it was making for her. Desperate for a solution, I contacted Hayley and set up my assessment with Chris.

I just wanted to box without worrying about my shoulder. When I started, I couldn’t get my shoulder blades to touch. I also dropped a 45 lb. barbell on my big toe because even that was too heavy. Months later, I’m tossing barbells into the air like pizza dough! 


I’ve had my share of setbacks though. In May, I couldn’t walk for one week due to a back injury. Then, in June, my shoulder dislocated again (worst one to date). ILP helped me through it all. I was back to normal within a few weeks, walking like I never stopped. It took seven months, but, now, I’m sparring again too. These are just two moments, but they sum up my experience at ILP pretty well. The coaches are right there when you fall, ready to help you get back up stronger.


A part of me still fears for my shoulder, but I’m getting closer to my goal everyday. My punches are sharper and stronger than ever. My feet are starting to feel as light as a butterfly. There’s so much I’m still working on, but I’m just happy to be back in the ring. 

If I’ve learned anything so far, it is that you can’t box alone. The Den has become an essential part of my weekly training routine. And I’m excited to have you in my corner 🥊.

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