Take Pride Tuesday: Annie Tang

I am Annie Tang.  I like to travel because I want to see different cultures and architecture in other countries. And most interesting to me is to taste different food from different countries.


In June 2016,  I had an accident.  I am educated from the old school way of etiquette.  I was invited to dinner and I was slightly earlier than my hosts.  I felt inappropriate to wait in the dining room.  So I decided to wait at the restaurant ‘s bar.  I was trying to get up to sit on the bar chair to wait for them.  My height is 4’11” . I have to grip onto the edge of the bar table for support in order to hoist myself into the chair.  Unfortunately,  the table legs were not screwed on the floor.  The table fell towards me and I was not fully seated in the chair causing me to fall backwards with chair falling behind me. I fell on top of the chair and then rolled off to the floor with my legs extended in front of me.  The tumble had me dazed and I surveyed around and thought I was fine.  Until I tried to stand up and I felt sharp pains from my left knee and I fell down again.  My left ankle was sprained and elbow bruised.  An ambulance took me to the hospital and gave me x ray.  My doctor then prescribed MRI and found a fractured tibia.  The first few months I was walking with a walker,  then graduated to walk with a cane.  I have been going for physical therapy since the accident.  In the beginning I was going twice a week. 

I had complained to my therapist why I am still hurting so much.  He told me I was not strong enough.  Therefore, he referred me to come to Iron Lion Performance to train for strength in 2018.    I am glad I am in the gym working out with my very dedicated coach, Jason.  He is coaching me twice a week and my legs are stronger to hold me up!  There’s still pain but I hope that it will go away as I continue to focus on getting stronger.


I have forgotten how to walk properly since the accident.  Since I signed up for training and gotten stronger,  I am less afraid to walk up and down the stairs.  I can let go of the handrail too.

I am grateful that I am able to walk, although still awkwardly. I want to take advantage of my mobility to discover different places and cultures.  I will continue to train at Iron Lion Performance to be stronger.  My coach,  Jason will see to that I will be strong enough to continue traveling stronger to see the world!


A few months after the injury, I joined a tour to Argentina, Brazil and Chile with a wheel chair and a cane.  When I was able to walk with just a cane,  I joined another tour to nine different cities from different countries in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Italy, France and Portugal.  So far,  I didn’t take a cane for trips to Cuba,  Holland, Singapore,  Switzerland, and Germany.   I am going on a Scandinavia trip next. I will keep on walking and walking!

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