Wellness Wednesday: The Magic Bullet


Hello Denizens! Welcome to January of 2019. After the golden glow of the jolly holidays has faded, the month of January can often feel like a blatant reminder of the excesses and “oopses” that the average holiday reveler often falls prey to. However, January can also be looked upon as a season of new beginnings. Often this takes the form of a New Year’s resolution or two- vows full of renewed dedication and enthusiasm… that usually end up falling over dead by the next year, just in time to make another resolution. The question then remains, how do we keep it all going? Luckily, the geniuses here at The Den have, after years of research and training, found the magic bullet to success.


I am talking magic with a capital “M”. The thing that can make you lose weight, gain strength, fit into those pants and look amazing in your swimsuit on vacation, all at once. That magic bullet is consistency. The dictionary defines the concept of consistency in two ways: “the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly over time” and “the way in which a substance, typically a liquid, holds together”. Consistency is literally the way that you hold it together with time. It’s the way you maintain a high standard of practice. Notice that nowhere in the definition does it say that you have to be perfect 100% of the time. Also notice that it doesn’t say anything about motivation. You don’t have to be perfect or motivated to be consistent. This is because consistency is simply repetition of behaviors. It’s literally brainless repetition, day in and day out. So how does this play into nutrition and fitness? Simple. It means showing up. It means getting back on track when you have a less than stellar day. It means making workouts a priority.


Many of us (myself included) struggle with this concept and feel that time and motivation can act as barriers to consistency and achievement. The secret to overcoming these barriers is simple- treat your goal like a bank.  Any effort towards your goal, whether it is all-out meal prep or just choosing a healthy snack from a bunch of vending machine choices, is still money in the bank towards the goal. Don’t have time to finish the whole workout? Fine. Show up anyway and do what you can. Feel unmotivated to run? No problem. Just start with one lap. It all counts. Just repeat the behaviors and make an effort, regardless of time and motivation. The results will come.