Take Pride Tuesday - The Strength Camp reflects on the Tactical Strength Challenge

This past fall, Iron Lion Performance was host to our first Strong First Tactical Strength Challenge. The TSC is held twice a year (Spring and Fall) all over the world and is an exciting measurement of strength and conditioning, specifically proficiency in the Deadlift, Kettlebell Snatch, and Pull-Up.

It is also a day of camaraderie, encouragement, and teamwork. We were thrilled to be able to have our members as well as those from other facilities test themselves in The Den. The day was fun and successful and we are looking forward to hosting again this April!

 We have had many people inquire about participating this year and as it is time to be dialing in that training process, we wanted to share with you the experiences of your fellow members!

 Adam Mazza- (Adam has been training with us for about a year now. He and his sons are a consistent and energizing presence in our community.)

 “I have always enjoyed competition and working towards a goal. The TSC helped me narrow my focus with my training. I enjoyed the entire competition. It opened my eyes to the fact that I need to do more cardio and work on my snatch technique if I want to be to improve in the event. Leading up to the next event in April I'll be focusing more on training for the pull up and snatch portion. 

 I'd definitely encourage other Den members to compete in the upcoming TSC. I think being able to measure your training progress is a key to getting better and knowing if your training is working for you.”

 Mike Peterson – (An original member, long before we had a place to call home. He has been training with Chris for 8 or 9 years.)

 “I decided to compete because The Den was hosting the event. I enjoyed lifting against other people and checking the worldwide standings. I do plan on training and competing in the April Tactical Strength Challenge. I would push people to try it! You're totally capable ~ especially if your name is already somewhere on the board. I finished 51 in my division and am looking to cut my place in half by the fall.”

 Mike Mannino – (A fixture since before we opened, who doesn’t know and love our own “Muscles Marinara?”)

 “I signed up for TSC for the challenge of seeing what I was able to do after losing a great deal of weight as well as how I line up in my age bracket. The whole competition was great! Everyone that was there, even of they were not from ILP, was very supportive of each other. I am very excited to compete again.
I’d tell others to “Go for it!” It is a great way to see what you can do. You might surprise yourself!”

 Antonio Donato – (A leader in our gym, Antonio’s work ethic and engaging presence has been with us since the beginning.)

“Bettering myself physically has always been my passion and it has been a long time since I competed in something. Competing in the TSC was the perfect opportunity to test my limits and see what I'm capable of after years of training at ILP. 
I enjoyed the intensity of the day. Everyone who competed was determined on hitting their numbers. I am excited to compete again. I have another PR to hit!

I encourage my fellow Den members to try it out. If you thought you were motivated now, you will be 10x more motivated to train to better yourself. Only when you know your limits in the present will you know what you need to do to break them for the future!”

 Strong Words, Gentlemen!!! Thank you for sharing with us! If anyone is interested in learning more about the Tactical Strength Challenge, please reach out to me, Chris, or Jason about division requirements and training programming. We hope to see more of you participating and all of you coming to watch and support your gym family!

 ~ Coach Hayley