Wellness Wednesday: A Few Quick Tips


Hey there, denizens! It’s me- Lauren, your friendly neighborhood dietitian, and I’m back with a few quick tips to get your nutrition dialed in for 2019. Last week, we talked about consistency, and how little actions can add up to big changes over time. This week, I’m here to suggest a few quick actions you can take to push the nutrition half of your training into high gear. Let’s jump in!

slow wating.jpeg

1.       Slow It Down- Try slowing down your meals and snacks. Whenever possible, take the time to really chew your food. You can even put your fork down between bites to accomplish this. The average tummy takes about 20 minutes to realize that the food you are feeding it has hit bottom and therefore send messages that you are full. If you eat at warp speed, you might have already overeaten by the time your stomach signals its “full”, thus encouraging weight gain.

2.       Drink Your Water- Drink water before and during meals. It’ll help fill you up and further prevent overeating once you finally get to the table.


3.       Take Your Vitamins- In a perfect world, we would get 100% of the nutrients we needed from our food. Unfortunately, for most of the population, this is not the case and even the healthiest of eaters still have nutrient “holes” in their diet. Taking a daily multivitamin can help plug these holes and keep your body functioning on all cylinders like the finely tuned machine it is.

4.       Downsize- If you are prone to loading your plate at meals, try downsizing to a smaller plate or bowl. That way, even if you continue to fill your plate, you’ll automatically be consuming less than you would if you were to be using the larger size.

bb ice cream.jpg

5.       Embrace the Single Serving- The best way to limit your consumption of food items you find crave worthy is to keep them out of the house. If you feel you really have to have it, pick up a single serving of your craving foods. That way, you’ll automatically be limiting the amount of it you consume and are therefore more likely to stay within the calories your body actually needs for the day. *Note: a pint of ice cream is not a single serving. Get the super tiny ice creams if you feel like having a nosh or go out and get a single scoop.

The best thing about these habits is they take almost no time to complete, so they can be practiced often, even when there’s no time. If you commit to practicing these habits daily,  I guarantee you’ll see a change. Remember, it’s all about consistency!