Take Pride Tuesday: The Den Has Been Served

This month we are thrilled to feature a Denizen who is a fan favorite among all who roam the Den, but maybe not all who roam the street ;-)

Hello, my name Foti Agelopoulos and I’m a Den- aholic.  I live in the Bronx but I work in Astoria.  What do I do for a living?  The simplest way to put it is that I deliver bad news to people.  I serve court papers which means I'm on my feet for most of the day.   Depending on the circumstance I’m either running towards people or away from people. My hobbies include traveling, taking random day trips, arguing about sports or just meeting up with friends for a drink.  

IMG_2614 2.jpeg

I've been a member of other various larger gyms and I never really had a structured work out.  I mainly focused on how much I could lift as opposed to if I had proper form.  At some point I plateau  and I felt that I needed a new challenge.  A good friend of mine mentioned to me about Iron Lion and how it's not like any other gyms. I decided to come in on an assessment and I was hooked!  


My experiences at the Lion have been great!  The coaching staff is amazing and I learn something new every single time I come to work out.  I really enjoy coming to work out and along the way I have met some good people at the time spent in the den.

I have definitely achieved my smaller fitness goals but I know that being overall fit is something you commit to the rest of your life.  I would like to one day compete in either a marathon or some type of Spartan race.  It's a work in progress however I am able to do certain things now that I was no way able to do before I started.