Take Pride Tuesday: Our Heavy Metal Dude

When you walk into The Den to "Screamo" music, no doubt, "Nando" is on the platform. This week's "Take Pride Tuesday" gives a little glimpse into the mind of our "Death Metal Dude."

Nando 2.jpeg

I am Fernando Ciccarelli, I am a union worker in 32BJ, born and raised in Queens, NY. When I am not in the Iron Lion I am checking out breweries near and far, hiking, and trying new things. I am an OG Den member. My fiancé would probably say I have more Iron Lion apparel than regular clothes. 

I chose Iron Lion because wanted a new challenge for myself! I worked with Chris in the past, I knew his teaching methods and I knew I would learn better in a group environment than on my own. 

Nando 1.jpeg

I love that each member at the Den gets the attention and support they need to better themselves and every one has a reason to be there and it shows. Everyone supports each other and wants to be there. 

My experience in The Den has been nothing but awesome. I have not only gained strength, pushed myself farther than I thought I could but also made life long friends. Whenever I am there I am receiving the support I need to push myself to the next level. 

My training goal was/and continues be: to gain overall strength. I have achieved my goals in certain areas, but I am continually setting new ones to push myself.

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