Monthly Mindset: Smaller Systems For The Bigger Picture

When it comes to planning our progress there’s nothing better than setting goals. They offer direction and the push to keep our eyes on the prize, when we need it. As great as it is to recognize the end goal, it’s our systems that allow us to progress.


Systems are our daily routines; they improve our productivity to get us through our busy days. Next month we’ll dive deeper into how time management can sharpen these routines. For now, try to think of these systems as roadmaps and time management as the tool to navigate through. They allow us to get better at a particular task, both long and short term.



Commitment to our well-designed systems is what makes the difference in ultimately reaching our goals. Commitment to our morning routine sets us up for our day. Commitment to our evening routine sets us up for better sleep and recovery. Commitment to our exercise routine sets us up for our better health.


At the Den, we use a systematic approach in our workouts, moving from point A to B and B to C, to build context in our training; Ultimately, leading us to our strength gains and weight loss goals. Ie: Clamshells lead to squats, squats lead to strength, strength leads to weight loss.


Here’s the thing, we can change goals and start over again, or we can brush up our system and make it better and more direct. The way we manage our systems allows us to be successful everyday.


 For example, if the goal is to lose 20 pounds and you ignored the scale and just focused bettering your systems for your workouts and cleaning up your nutrition, would you still get results?


I’m going to say yes, because now it’s not as much about focusing on long term and short term goals (p.s…keep those), but rather day-to-day systems (habits) that we can continuously refine and be better at. By doing so the goal will inevitably become more within reach. By the time we look back at our goal we’ll notice that the systems we’ve created and followed have lead to the ultimate end goal.


So for this month, let’s focus on our systems. Keep refining them. Let’s stop trying to predict the future in search for our goals and keep following the roadmap that our systems have mapped out for us. At the end of the road we’ll be at our destination, and if not we’ll be closer, and at a better crossroad to refine the system to get us even closer to our destination.

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