Wellness Wednesday:  Fall for Fiber- the Recipe Edition


 Hey Denizens!!! How’s it goin? Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday and the focus of the month: fiber. So last week we learned a little bit about fiber: what it is, where to get it and some of its amazing benefits. To recap, here are a few:

·         Supports a feeling of fullness

·         Promotes healthy digestion

·         Promotes immune system function

Now that we’ve had a chance to remind everyone how awesome fiber is, lets talk recipes! First up is avocado. Avocadoes are chock full of fiber and are also pretty darn delicious- pairing soft creamy eggs with fresh herbs and decadent, rich avocado. Try them for breakfast!

Baked Eggs in Avocadoes




Are you craving soup and crackers since its cold and rainy? Don’t despair! There’s no need to back away from your fiber goals just because you want some comfort food! Choose a soup that’s rich in veggies, like minestrone and then swap out your regular toast for some high-fiber paleo bread! Completely grain-free and bursting with fiber, this bread lets you dip away and stay on track with filling fiber!


Paleo Bread




Join us next time  on the blog for the October edition of healthy, sweets and treats for Halloween!




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