Take Pride Tuesday: Dancers Stage to Deadlift Platform

Even if they don’t know Jenna, they “know” Jenna. Described by her fellow denizens as the happy girl, the sparkly one, the dancer who RDLs with perfectly pointed toes; Jenna Robichau could easily be voted Miss Congeniality. We are excited to give a stage to this lovely woman for this week’s Take Pride Tuesday. Curtain’s Up, Jenna!

Hi there! A little about me….After several years of dancing professionally on cruise ships and with various children’s shows I retired from performing 5 years ago and started working in early childhood education. Since then, I have started my own company, Active Arts, which focuses on dance and movement classes for children in afterschool settings. I still love dancing and working with young children but also enjoy reading, playing with my new puppy and drinking allllll the craft beer. 

Jenna Jumprope.jpeg

Leaving the performing world, I gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of my strength and flexibility. I tried various workout programs and different gym settings but nothing really stuck. I would find excuses not to workout at home, claim the gym was too far away or too crowded and never found something I enjoyed the way I loved dancing. 

I called Iron Lion because it was 2 blocks away from my house and I felt like I couldn’t use the distance as an excuse, and it was the one thing I never really tried— kettlebells and weight lifting! 

During my initial phone call with Chris, I already knew I was going to like it. He understood my background as a dancer and theater person. You could hear it in his voice, how passionate and intelligent he was about this stuff. He sounded like I do when I talk about the benefits and approaches to teaching movement to children. My assessment confirmed my hunch. These coaches knew what they were talking about and completely tailored a workout built for my needs. 

In my first program I noticed major differences in my posture and core strength— two things I had really lost after performing. 

Everyone I encounter at the Den is awesome. The coaches are helpful, will push you, and also joke with you so the atmosphere is always enjoyable! The high school kids are friendly and polite. The women I met have been encouraging and so welcoming! The guys who are lifting way heavier than me are always helpful if I need to switch out the weights on the trap bar or need help hooking up the TRX bands. I’ve previously felt self conscious at gyms, thinking that because I’m a girl with very little weight experience, people might not take me seriously or would be annoyed that I needed to use the same equipment, but no one at “The Den” makes you feel that way. Everyone here is committed to helping you feel BADASS. Everyone is inspiring and makes me want to strive to be better!

It is one of my favorite things walking in and having several people know me and say hello, and feeling like I can leave any stress or worries at the door and spend an hour feeling proud of myself. And perhaps even better when I leave and the coaches ask when you’re in next, and I don’t have to lie about it. I’m stoked to come in again!

Jenna Results.jpeg

My initial goal was to lose 40lbs. After 5 months I am halfway there and feeling awesome! I’ve found that I LOVE working with weights. My strong hips and dancer thighs are well suited to this. Adding weight to my deadlift, learning how to do a bench press, FINALLY starting to understand KB cleans (ugh. It’s a work in progress but I’m getting there)—it all makes me proud of my body and has me wanting to push harder. 

I still want to lose another 20lbs, but more than that I want to continue feeling proud of what my body can achieve!