Take Pride Tuesday: The Joker

Matt SIlvestri is a Creative Director at Comedy Central by day and former athlete by night.  He regularly participates in rec league football, soccer, basketball, street hockey and softball after recently retiring from a semi-professional baseball league on the weekends during his summers.



Matt joined Iron Lion for a few reasons,

  1. Get in shape. He's always felt that no matter what he did he was always a bit heavier and out of shape despite how active he has been throughout his life. 
  2. Coming off of multiple knee surgeries (4 if you're counting - 2 ACLs, 1 meniscus, 1 bone spur) he was advised that the consistent pain would be lessened by taking some stress off of the knees by strengthening and dropping weight.
  3. Tim Garkusha pressured him to work out with him.

According to Matt, his experience at Iron Lion has been nothing but positive.  It took some time, but once he fully committed to coming to the gym and making better choices outside of the gym, he began to see some serious results. Although Matt hasn't reached his ultimate goal, he is very pleased with the progress he has made.  He is down roughly 12 pounds since he first started at Iron Lion and feels like his body composition has changed even more drastically than that.  



Iron Lion is more than a place to work out for Matt, it's a community of people who support one another in their goals of becoming better.  In fact, Matt and his fiancee Amy come to the gym together often because they see it as not only time to get better, but time to get better together.  

Matt often says he's surprised at how much he's enjoyed his experience at Iron Lion as the environment is so supportive that he feels there isn't any intimidation factor that one might feel at another gym.  He feels the staff is great, caring and invested in his success and because of this would encourage others who have yet to try Iron Lion to give it a shot.