Wellness Wednesday: Things You Were Never Told About Fat Loss


Hi, kids! Today, we are chewing the fat about fat loss- what it is and what it isnt. Fat loss is like the slightly more complicated sibling of weight loss.  Let me explain. Weight loss is the easy-to-get -along-with sibling. It's nice, straightforward and easy to comprehend. With weight loss, you simp ly eat less than you burn and watch the scale go down. Weight loss is comprised of a mix of fluids, fat and lean body tissue). Fat loss, however, is a little bit more difficult- the problem child, if you will. This is because the human body likes to hold onto fat tighter than a dog with a bone. The reason that the body functions like this is based in on the evolutionary principles that allowed the human species to survive the "lean times" of scarcity (pun totally intended) and however unpopular fat might be in today’s culture, it doesn’t change the fact that the human body is hardwired to preserve fat stores. Thus, fat tends to be a little tougher to get rid of than weight, but I'm sure that most of you knew that already. To add to the narrative, here are some things that you might never have been told about fat loss.


1.       Fat loss can cause fatigue. Its not energetically simple to use fat. As an energy source, it's not as easy for the body to use as stored carbohydrates or protein. In fact, its usually the last thing your body reaches for as a fuel source, so you might feel a little more tired than usual when you are in a state of fat loss. Now listen to me when I say this- this is normal. Body recomposition requires energy and structural change on a cellular level! It needs energy! Make sure you are meeting your protein goals and that you are eating at least 1200 kcal per day. Stay hydrated and stay the course.


2.       When you lose fat, you might feel more hungry than usual. Fat loss is created by inducing a caloric deficit, so if you feel slightly more hungry than usual, it doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake, only that your body is used to getting more food than you are now feeding it (especially if you are used to overeating). Luckily, the human body is an expert at adaptation and will eventually get used to having appropriate portions at meals and snacks. Again, stay the course. 

                     STAY. THE. COURSE.

                     STAY. THE. COURSE.

3.       Fat loss does not often proceed in a straight line. Just like weight loss, you might see periods of plateau and different rates of progress. Like weight loss, fat loss takes time. Stick with it, count your macros and be patient. 

The take home message here is that fat loss is a marathon and not a sprint. It's important to remember this if you've recently started focusing on fat loss and are feeling like you aren't getting anywhere. Stay focused, stay dedicated, stay consistent and change will come. If you feel like you need help, consult your friendly neighborhood dietitian. : )