Take Pride Tuesday: A Grateful Goodbye

As many have noticed over the past week, one of our family members has been missing. Erin Conners, a committed and consistent presence in The Den, has recently left New York to move to Atlanta for a job with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Though we are still struggling with how much she will be missed, (Dennis and Jason are still pretending that she is only gone for the summer), we are happy to highlight her in this week's Take Pride Tuesday.



A quick description? I guess you could say, Epidemiologist, California transplant, adventure seeker and activist. Outside of Iron Lion I like to explore the city, rock climb, and drink good beer.


I chose Iron Lion for several reasons. There is a definite focus on safety and smart training. The coaches have a real understanding of the mechanism behind every exercise. I enjoyed the family-like environment and found extra motivation from training in a group setting. And, of course, they were all superb at putting up with my sassy attitude and occasionally allowing my Brittany playlist fix.  



My goal in joining The Den was go to the gym consistently and to make improvements in my strength and mobility. I have noticed improvements in areas where I used to have pain, like my shoulders, and have been able to steadily increase my strength over the two years I was a member of ILP.



My experience at Iron Lion...to quote Marilena...was "fantastic!"