Wellness Wednesday: Life Hacks for Smart Summer Choices


At long last, it seems as though summer has finally found us. The temperatures are starting to climb, the clouds are finally clearing, and New Yorkers everywhere are wandering into rooftop lounges, beer gardens and boat bars across the 5 boroughs to celebrate surviving another winter. For many of us that live in more urban areas, venturing outdoors to a bar or eatery seems like the best of both worlds- the comfort of the indoors (complete with tables, chairs, drinks and snacks) and the ambiance of the outdoors (scenic views, cool breezes and the twinkle pf the occasional star through the smog). Before you drift off into your summer holiday mode, however, you may want to stop to make sure your loads of summer celebrations don’t lead to loads of weight gain and regret later. Here’s a few life hacks that you can use to be proactive about your nutrition and hydration, even in summer party mode.


1.       Order your food before your drinks


 Though it may seem backwards and wrong, ordering your food first is beneficial in two ways. First, it ensures you are still sober enough to make a decent decision about what to eat (versus a poor decision fueled by a rumbling stomach and 2-for-1 happy hour specials). Second, it makes sure that there is something in your stomach to pad the alcohol as it goes down. READ: you feel better and your drinks don’t go straight to your head.


2.       Turn the wine into water


Try alternating your glasses of booze with glasses of water. You’ll not only stay hydrated, but you’ll also be less likely to hate yourself the morning after if your lengthy brunch with friends devolves into a session of extended day drinking.


3.       Pre-game the right way

balanced meals.jpg

No matter how delicious it might seem, alcohol is a toxin. Thus, the reason you get hangovers when you drink too much of it for your body to handle. If you know its going to be a rough one, make sure you are doing some preemptive damage control. Be sure to eat a good meal containing carbs, protein and fat. Also make sure you are adequately hydrated. If you really want to up the ante on your pre-game health fest, pop a B complex vitamin. Why? Your body needs vitamins to remove alcohol from your system- especially B vitamins. To remove a lot of alcohol, it needs even more than you would usually feed it. Since B vitamins are water-soluble, they can’t build up in your system, and what isn’t used is eliminated through urine.


So remember: pre-game for health, stay hydrated, stay safe and have a good time. Long live summer!!!!