Take Pride Tuesday: Magic Mike Changing Course

Headphones in or chatting up a storm, the evening crew at ILP would not be the same without Mike Mulvihill. His consistency and dedication are inspiring as his single arm swings. This Tuesday, we are excited to hear more about one of the steadiest lions in the den!

A bit about me… I was born and raised in NY and living in Astoria for the last 7 years. I work for a hedge fund in midtown in the facilities department. Over the last couple of years, I’ve become a bit of a hobby collector; screenwriting, guitar, and the latest being boxing, kettlebells and as of recently a Spartan racer (we did the Den proud).

Magic Mike.png

I decided last year to try and get into shape. I subbed in for a player on my company’s basketball team. After 3 minutes I was winded and after 10, I threw out my back (sadly I wasn’t even being guarded at the time). Sports was something that always came natural to me but years of neglect and a sedentary lifestyle took that away. This was the reality check that I needed to quit the smokes, soda, and most junk food (we all need a little Dino’s on Broadway in our life).

I started with bands and heavy jump rope training (which I still bring to IL) but I had no knowledge on how to proceed. I started doing research and came across Pavel Tsatsouline and thought his philosophy was awesome. After a search on the Strong First site I came across Hayley Bridgewater and that’s how I found Iron Lion.

Magic Mike 3.png

I knew straight from the assessment with Chris that this place was different. Taking an hour to assess someone that may never come back demonstrated to me the commitment everyone there was gonna put into me. The first month did not disappoint. Tons of individual attention and coaching. Someone always there to correct and encourage. The quality of care and emphasis on mobility is what sets IL apart for me. Injuries and setbacks are an unfortunate part of any athletic endeavor but I know that if or when one comes up, I’m gonna have an awesome program waiting to help me get back at it.

My goal in this last year was to get healthy. But being at The Den, my goals keep changing cause everyone helps me achieve them. Next was to look good in a t-shirt and about two months ago Jason upgraded my physique to beefy, so I guess that’s on track (still much more to do). Next is to reach double body weight in the deadlift. I’m 45 pounds away and then it is time for another one. This wasn’t even a goal, but coming from being winded after 3 minutes of basketball to race course (with the Iron Lion crew with me) I ran every damn step, walkway and obstacle at Citi Field’s Spartan Race. Some fine progress for less then a year.

Mgic Mike 2.png

I can’t say enough good things about Iron Lion and the other members there. I truly believe we should lobby the government to get the principles and regiment that is provided for us in all the schools in the US. We just don’t learn about proper fitness early enough. If Iron Lion ever went nationwide, the country would be in much better shape (cheesy pun intended).

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next workout!