Take Pride Tuesday: The Courageous Lion

Chad Frye recently joined Iron Lion last November.  Originally from Latrobe, PA, his work with pianos brought him to New York City where he’s currently employed at Steinway & Sons in Astoria and finishing his bachelor’s degree at Baruch College. 

Chad Arm Farm.jpg

Getting in shape has been a life-time goal for Chad, but like many he struggled to stay committed to exercising.  When he did get himself to the gym, he felt intimidated -- “I really had no idea what I should do.” Here is how Chad describes his journey at Iron Lion.

Chad DL.jpg

“I started coming to Iron Lion because I knew if I was going to achieve my goal of consistently and rigorously working out, I was going to need a trainer.  For me, it’s all about commitment and support.  Now that I know someone is waiting for me to show up, I don’t even think about skipping the gym.  And having a trainer for guidance has really helped me feel more confident about working out.”

The biggest surprise for me over the last few months hasn’t been that I’ve gotten bigger (toned)—which I have—but that I’m still coming and that I look forward to each workout.  My trainers have all been great and I’ve even noticed the people who come here are a different caliber as well.  It’s a great environment to be a part of and that’s made all the difference.

Chad Swing.jpg

With beach weather just around the corner follow Chad all the way to muscle beach!