Take Pride Tuesday: The Boys of Summer

Taking a look around The Den, it is hard to miss the gentlemen of our
Complete Baseball Training Program. Though they may come from various
schools and neighborhoods, the energy, hard work, and camaraderie make
them a true team and a vital part of the Iron Lion Community. Equal parts
entertaining and inspiring, their energy is infectious. This week, I am
excited to highlight this strong group.

Boys of Summer.JPG

The movement demands of baseball are unique to any other sport. Having
training that is specialized for a baseball players needs is a game changer.
Coach Carlsen emphasizes the importance of dedication to the process -
“At the start of the off-season training cycle, the guys are challenged to be
consistent with their programs. The focus is getting in to The Den 3-5 times
per week with the goal of completing 5 monthly programs. We have seen
dramatic increase in strength, power, speed, and durability when they are
able to work this plan. We know that there is an advantage for these


This recent off-season found many of our athletes dialing in their
commitment to their nutrition plans and joint care - something that
produced huge gains all around. Coach Jason’s words were certainly taken
to heart. “ It’s not just about the quantity of the foods we intake when
gaining sustainable strength for performance. The quality of what we ingest
directly affects our outcome. We educate these young athletes about
healthy sustainable habits, not only for a stronger performance, but for a
healthier life. These young men did an amazing job this offseason
committing to their long term health, and it shows by the extra 15-20
pounds of lean mass each of them put on.”

We have worked with over 40 baseball players ranging from the local High
schools to Collegiate players from Villanova, LIU Brooklyn, Marshall
commit, Adelphi, and Queens College to name a few. We constantly
prepare and continually educate ourselves in order to give the Iron Lion
Athlete a distinctive edge on the playing field.


Kyle Schaefer (Marshall Baseball) - “ Iron Lion has helped me get to where
I am today. Everyday the coaches at The Den push me to be a better
version of myself.”


Mo Hussein ( Keystone Giants ) - “My experience at Iron Lion has been an
amazing one. I have dealt with a lot of shoulder injuries throughout the
years of playing baseball. After training at Iron Lion, my body feels better
than it has ever been. I feel a lot stronger and healthier. This has been one
of the best decisions I made to help take my game to another level.”

Joe Fragola (St. Francis Prep) - “Coming off of a horrible injury like tearing
my hamstring, I had doubts about if I’d ever play sports to the best of my
ability again. Iron Lion has silenced all of those doubts and for that I am
forever grateful.”