Wellness Wednesday: Balancing your Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? There’s something so luxurious about the idea of a long, relaxed meal with friends, where eating delicious things and enjoying each other’s company are the only tasks to be accomplished. I love brunch like a bee loves flowers, but what I don’t love is the post-brunch feeling of heaviness that comes from eating too much of the wrong things. So what does this mean? Do I, as an athlete and clean eater, need to give up my beloved brunch? Heck no! I plan to have my brunch and eat it too, and here’s how: we’re going to balance our carbs with protein and fats, and we’re going to add in plenty of fruits and vegetables. Here are a few recipes to try:


Chorizo & Plantain Hash – This delicious recipe from PaleoOMG is the real deal- and balances out delicious plantains with protein-rich chorizo and eggs. The combo of protein, fat and carb means you’ll stay feeling full and satisfied for whatever life throws at you. Serve individual portions over a bed of greens to add fiber and even more nutritional value.



Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Scones - Feel like something sweet? These little guys are delicious and low in added sugar, since they get some natural sweetness from pumpkin puree. They are also grain free and low in total carbs, and so are less likely to spike their blood sugar than their traditional scone counterparts. Pair them with turkey bacon or breakfast sausage to make sure you are consuming enough protein.



Butternut Squash and Breakfast Sausage Bake – Had a long week? Feel like you are too lazy to even make a lazy brunch dish for your family and friends? Say no more, fam. This little beauty of a breakfast dish is not only easy to prep, it finished in the oven, which means that all you basically have to do is wait for the timer to go off. Plus, it’s packed with protein. Pair it with a fruit salad and greens in vinaigrette to make it a full meal.



Pineapple Ginger Sparkler – Save calories and maintain hydration without sacrificing the festive mood by choosing a non-alcoholic punch, like this one from Tbsp. If you DO decide to keep it boozy, control your portions and be sure to alternate drinks with water. You'll save calories and feel better when your done. 


Brunch responsibly!