Monthly Mindset: Beyond the Iron

As the first few months of 2018 have passed, the focus of our mindset conversations has been how our internal courage to show up everyday and puts us in the position to succeed. This everyday courage challenges us within, and gives us the motivation we desire to show up…even when it feels as though the universe is conspiring against us.

The challenge within that gives us motivation, leads to consistency. 

arnold .jpg

Arnold Schwarzenegger refers to it as ‘reps’. In his biography Total Recall, he says:

“There are no shortcuts. It took hundreds and even thousands of repetitions for me to learn to hit a great three-quarter back pose, dance the tango in True Lies, paint a beautiful birthday card, and say “I’ll be back” just the right way…No matter what you do in life, it’s either reps or mileage.”

As insignificant as learning these things are to some us, Arnold drives home a really great point. The reps and mileage he is referring to is consistency. He showed up hundreds of times — probably hundreds more times than the next person. When he thought it was perfected — he went back to it and did countless more ‘reps’.

Last week we highlighted the humble Karin V. in our Take Pride Tuesday blog post —check out her story if you haven't already!, 

and she gives a paramount perspective on what consistency can do for the soul:


So why highlight me? Perhaps because, despite my reluctance, I keep showing up. I’m really proud of that, and I think the coaches are, too.

They know I’d rather be in a Pilates studio than deadlifting a heavy kettlebell, and they know years of pain with unpredictable triggers has left me a very nervous person. I’m always afraid that a new element in my program might re-injure me or that a new weight might be too heavy. But they have helped me face my fears, and with each new program, I grow more confident.

So whether you’re the forever Terminator and former governor of California, or a mother trying to expand the vocabulary of your 2-year old daughter in New York City, the practice of consistency is the difference between obtaining our goals, or choosing a different path.