Take Pride Tuesday: The PURsistence of A Lion

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  Consistency and persistency are what has cultivated this disciplined Den members success.  You may not get everything you want, but you can certainly work for it, meet Dennis Hruska - aka Mr. Bellz! We're honored to share his story…….

My name is Dennis Hruska and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I moved to Astoria in 2003 to pursue a career as a musical theater actor. I ended up in theater administration and handle the finances for an Off-Broadway theater. It is very rewarding, but comes with a bit of stress.

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Once I hit the age of 30, I began to become more concerned about my health and started running. It was something I enjoyed and constantly pushed myself to go further, eventually signing up for the NYC half marathon. Unfortunately, that was my last complete race. My leg locked with a half mile to go!  I was able to hobble for a quarter mile and then slowly jog for the last quarter mile after it released. It did not have quite the glorious ending I hoped for. At that point, everything hurt, and I started to throw my back out frequently. I decided to take a break and slowly ease back into it...that didn't help. I started to gain some weight and my body missed having activity. After months, I decided it was time to do something I was terrified to do: join a gym and learn how to properly exercise.

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Prior to this point, I would enter a gym, make no eye contact and go to an elliptical machine or treadmill, do my thing and hurry out. It was not a place I felt comfortable in and put me right back in my teenage insecurities. If someone had told me that I would end up at this age waking up at 6am to head to a gym and deadlift 285 pounds I would have doubled over laughing. And yet here I am.

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Iron Lion has become such a bright spot in my life. I look forward to seeing everyone there and feel so encouraged (and challenged) to be my healthiest self. All of the coaches take such care to guide and motivate everyone who walks in the door. Iron Lion has helped my confidence grow, leading to positive changes in many areas of my life.

I appreciate you all and thank you, especially when you ignore my whining and force me to succeed.

Dennis is one of those consistent people who has learned to cultivate consistency in his work.   Keep crushing it Dennis, you've earned your strength!